Galatea at its core is an unconventional tale of quirky girl meets misfit boy. Wannabe voice actress Kim Forrest joins the isolated genius Jesse Park in an off-beat adventure of science, music, and the pursuit of companionship. Jesse programs video games, his bandmates are robots, and he wears a helmet at all times.

Yeah. He’s a weird dude.

Kim stumbles into Jesse’s odd little world when she volunteers to provide both the voice and sensory template for his current project: an emotionally capable artificial intelligence. To the surprise of both parties, the more the two delve into Kim’s consciousness, the more they find themselves drawn out of their self imposed social isolation.

A character study through and through, Galatea seeks to entertain through simple beats and thematic depth. The rich characters that make up its diverse cast all find moments to shine as each player is artfully fleshed out along the path to the story’s conclusion. You’ll laugh with humans, you’ll rock out with robots, and by the film’s end you’ll be left with plenty to ponder regarding love, loneliness, and human(?) connection.

Role: Jesse

Director: Benjamin T. Wilson